What we do

We help companies in any sector to plan digital activity and grow their ecommerce


New customers are vital. We run digital marketing including search, affiliates and social ads.


Improving your site is key to growth - through site audits and suitable conversion tests.


Increase repeat rates and customer lifetime value via a CRM plan and automated messages.

How we work

Keeping digital as simple as possible

First steps are to understand your current business then create an ecommerce strategy to help acquire customers, convert visitors, retain customers – all analysed and understood through data insight. 

15+ years' experience

Hands-on digital consultancy

Digital planning and execution

Advise on resource structure

A different style of consultancy

How our consultancy differs

Instead of simply pointing out what may be wrong, our consultancy is more hands-on, meaning you can effectively have a part-time Head of Ecommerce working on your business. 

We know you are busy and so our help means we can carry out the work ourselves, which results in faster updates and improvements. 

Typically we go into a business, get the fundamentals and strategy in place to ensure growth then we can either train team members or advise in the background.

What is our approach

Our methodology to success

Ecommerce Audit

A complete review of your current setup to identify the big opportunities.

Digital Strategy

Rolling 3 month activity plans based on key growth initiatives.

Hands-on Help

We like to join you on the front line, rather than just point out what needs attention!

Part of your Team

Think of us as a part-time Ecommerce Director, together with you in your business.

Brand Building

Perfect for reach, we create a social strategy, content and work with influencers.

Set Objectives

Agree growth targets and create automated reports of key metrics.

Our client experience

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How our clients feel

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Our background and experience

Sam Musk Profile Photo

Sam Musk

Ecommerce Specialist

Sam has been in ecommerce manager roles at Maximuscle and GSK before becoming Head of Digital at a fintech startup then Ecommerce Director for a makeup brand. He is now a freelance specialist and non-exec director.

Konstantin Afanasjev

Konstantin Afanasyev

Digital Designer

Amber-Louise Philpott

E-Commerce Assistant

Jessie Edwards

E-Commerce Assistant

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